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My younger brother unfortunately does not know how to work Itunes.

He bought everything on his Itouch so nothing was on his Itunes. I have just downloaded everything onto his Itunes before restoring his Itouch (it was acting strangely by not playing and videos).

Anyway after also installing the new Itunes, none of the HD films are transferring back onto his Ipod. Whenever I try to play them on the computer it says that I need to buy the SD version. My first question is, if I "buy" the SD version will I be charged again?

Also, why do you think the HD films are not syncing? It's very frustrating as my brother spent a lot of money on these films, just for them not to work. They all used to work fine until his Ipod started playing up.

Another question I have is since downloading all his purchases onto Itunes, none of the album artwork is showing on the Film or TV programme icons. I clicked "get album artwork" but nothing happens. How do you get it? (Again, it used to work but it has suddenly stopped working)


Thank you!

iPod touch, iOS 4