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I have just spent hours re-sorting my Events in iPhoto. A short while ago, an "unexpected error" message popped informing me that iPhoto was crashing. After re-opening iPhoto, I now notice that the Events section has messed-up many event folders.




There are many empty folders. These are folders that once had pictures, but that I subsequently moved to other Events. At the time of doing so, these folders - once emptied - would logicaly disappear automatically. Now they just are sitting there as empty event folders.


There are several Event folders that show no thumbnail and suggest they have 0 photos. When clicking on these, the photos do appear correctly, but once exiting the Event, it goes back to this 0 with no thumbnails


There are some Event folders that show a much greater amount of picture thumbnails in them (mixing several events), although when opening them they do only contain the smaller amount of photos that are meant to be there.


For the time being, there still is a significant amount of Event folders that seem to be correct and unaffected.


Can anyone help me figure out what the f*** is going on?


Thanks a lot!

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    What version of iPhoto?


    Do you have a back up?

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    Hi Terence,


    I have iPhoto'11 (9.4.2)

    I do have a back-up in an external hard drive


    I bought a new MacBook Pro and was doing the file transfer with the "Genius" guidance. This has not been the smoothest process. In anycase, it seemed that it had gone right today (and I'm not sure that my iPhoto issue is related to the transfer of files or if it is a bug of iPhoto.


    What happened was that after having transferred all my files, I got into iPhoto and began to re-order it. I had some duplicate photos that I had been meaning to prune for a while, I also wanted to delete some excess pics and while doing this, I also began to re-sort the Events Library ... mostly consolidating some events).


    It all seemed to be going fine until - after a few hours of work - iPhoto crashed. I reopened it without thinking too much about it and resumed my work. However, after a while I noticed that when going to the "Events" section, there were many "Events" that had no thumbnails!


    Some of these corresponded to events that I had eliminated (by deleting or transferring all their pics to other events), which surprised me as - theoretically - these should no longer exist. Of course, these event folders were empty


    But there are other event folders which do correspond to events I had been editing, which had plenty of pictures; yet they were showing "0" pictures! However, when I click on the folder, the pictures do appear. But for some reason their Event folder shows "0" and no thumbnail.


    Lastly, there are some existing event folders that show a thumbnail, but also show an alleged high number of pics that do not correspond with what is meant to be in that folder. If I scroll the mouse over the thumbnail, I will see an endless number of pictures - not necessarily corresponding to that event folder - ; but when I click on it, the actual pictures and the number of pictures is in accordance to what I had done when creating the folder. In other words, the thumbnail information does not match what is actually in that event folder.


    My initial fear was that pictures had been deleted by iPhoto, but they appear to all be there ... and the "Photos" Library does not seem to have been afected.


    I tried shutting down iPhoto ... and the computer ... hoping that it would re-open corrected, but to no avail.


    I guess my MacBook is new enough, that I could re-install the software back to scratch and repeat the whole process, so as to start again from a clean sheet. But that does not guarantee the issue will not repeat. I am basically losing trust on iPhoto (and on Apple).


    I've booked another Genius appointment for tomorrow (which is frustrating as I'm spending my weekend going to an Apple Store to repeat the same story over and over without getting my problem solved!) Any insights are most welcome!


    Thanks a lot!


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    If you can a backup copy of your iPhoto Library package copy it from the extenal drive to the Pictures folder.  First move the current copy of the library out of the Pictures folder to the Desktop.  Launch iPhoto and see if it will open the library without error.



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    Hi OT (& Terence again),


    A while after this post, iPhoto automatically indicated it had to self-repair (not exact terms, but this was in essence what it said) and after about an hour all my Event Library was repaired (some events out of order, but that was a minor issue to resolve). Phew!


    Thank you both for your assistance nonetheless!


    Kind regards,