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I was trying to eliminate duplicate photos, so used a program that identified 1,400; I then burned these onto DVD before deleting. I now think the program misidentified some duplicates, so I want to re-import the photos.


Out of caution, I burned them in two formats, on two different disks: as an iPhoto folder and as exported photos.


How do I best re-import these photos into my library? I assume the iPhoto-folder disk would retain the most metadata. Can I just "select all" of the photos on the disk (within iPhoto, not the Finder), then drag them back into the library? Or is there more to it?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), mid-2011 i5
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    If you import them from the iPhoto library disk using iPhoto you will get the original file, the modified file if it had been edit, and all metadata, i.e. keywords, titles, locations, etc. This video shows how:



    Insert the disk in the optical drive and launch iPhoto. Look for the disk in the left hand pane of iPhoto. find the photo(s) you want and drag them to the Events or Photos icon above.


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    Thanks. That's what I thought but wanted to be sure. My photos are enough of a mess already--want to avoid more issues.