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My old laptop crashed and I just got a new macbook air.    My most current calendar and address book information is on my iTouch.    Is there anyway to transfer that information to the new macbook?    I'm afraid that if I sync the iTouch that it will erase my contacts and calendar because there is nothing on the computer.....


MacBook Air
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    No backup on an external disk?


    How did you sync, via USB and iTunes, or via iCloud "through the air"?

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    I'm goign to sync via iTunes but heard numerous warnings that it will erase my calendar.    I do have an external back up but it isn't current for my calendar.

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    Okay, it should work as syncing means "merging" unless you tell iTunes to overwrite the content of the iPhone with whatever is on the Mac.


    So, pay attention for these two things:

    - Have at least one entry in each Contacts and Calendar on the Mac before syncing.

    - With the Touch connected and selected but not sync'ing, yet, go on the Info tab and make sure that under Advanced none of the "Replace..." options are checked.