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I have just installed this and even tried to manually get it to install in the "Program Files" directory.  Programs installed into the "Program Files (x86)" directories are 32 bit apps.  This is where the iTunes64Setup file installs to.  Is this intended?  If so, why call it iTunes 64 bit ?  It is compatible in this mode, but iTunes actually running in 64 bit mode could drastically improve performance and processing of large libraries.


Please advise if this is a known issue or if iTunes 64 bit even exists.

iTunes 11.01 64 bit for Windows, Other OS, Windows 8 64 bit PC
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    The 64-bit version of iTunes is a mixture of 64-bit and 32-bit componentry. You'll also notice on your PC that some of the componentry for iTunes itself is installing in the iTunes folder in the Program files directory (such as the miniplayer). The GEAR drivers used for burning and importing are 64-bit. The iPod service is 64-bit. AMDS is 64-bit. Bonjour is partially 64-bit.


    It's normal to see the itunes.exe process running as 32-bit on a 64-bit system.