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I had google calendars syncing just fine between iCal on my laptop and iPhone by using Exchange on my iphone. Since the first of the year I can't get one of the calendars to sync. I have a work calendar and personal calendar as well as two shared calendars that belong to others. Since Jan 1st my work calendar will not show up on my iPhone. Even if I add an event on my iPhone it shows up briefly then disapears??? The only thing I changed prior to this issue was adding a shared calendar. My personal calendar has and is still the default. No other settings were changed. Another thing is that on my phone my work calendar keeps unselecting itself so it shows 2 calendars rather than 3.



I went on the exchange settings and turned off everything and turned them back on and made it worse. Now none of my calendar events show up but the two shared calendars do. On google sync settings they are all selected still- both on my computer and iphone.


Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance for any help!

iPhone 4