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Okay, I don't know how to delete this - so I'm just saying that after sending this, I found Terrance's reply to a similar post (3/3/12).  I didn't realize iPhoto had been changed so that the "master" controls duplicates.  I do understand how to export, et cetera .... and I do use albums also!  I just really want the duplicate photos to NOT be in the general Events.  Trust me, I have a good reason!


Thank you for your (previous) help!



Okay, when I created this User Name, I didn't foresee this situation.  I'm pretty sure this is a real bug - and maybe someone can let the appropriate programmer know....


Essentially, I'm organizing my 2012 iPhoto library and am trying to get around the rule that a photo can only be in one Event.  I flagged the photos I want to keep where they are - AND - be grouped separately.


Then in Flagged, I duplicated all.  Then I unflag the orginal files.

Then I modified the duplicated (version 2 or version 3) files.


So, in the original events, there are the two versions of some photos.

Opening one of the events, I select a couple of photos and "split".


Split event does get created, but it has no photos.

Photos and duplicated photos remain in original event.


I'm quitting now - before I lose everything.....!

(I'll back up the library and try again later.........!)



and jsut for the fn of it, I'm adding that I find it strange that I'd have to manually click "abc-check" -- that spellcheck doesn't run automatically.   --I guess it annoys others?


iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.6.8), Not running Lion