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I just bought Snow Leopard for my mac and when it starts to install it only gets to the point where it says "46 minutes remaining" and then the disk stops reading. Its says to carefully clean the disk and I do, so why wont it finish? I just bought the disk and it cant completely read.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • CMCSK Level 6 Level 6

    Where did you purchase the disc from?


    How large is your hard drive and how much hard drive space do you have left?



    Disconnect all peripherals from your computer.


    Boot from your install disc & run Repair Disk from the utility menu. To use the Install Mac OS X disc, insert the disc, and restart your computer while holding down the C key as it starts up.

    Select your language.

    Once on the desktop, select Utility in the menu bar.

    Select Disk Utility.


    Select the disk or volume in the list of disks and volumes, and then click First Aid.

    Click Repair Disk.

    Restart your computer when done.


    Repair permissions after you reach the desktop-http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2963 and restart your computer.  Try upgrading again.  Repair permissions and restart your computer again and post the results.














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    This didnt work. Is there any other way?

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    Depends on your answers to the 1st 2 questions which I asked.













  • Chris.Esparza Level 1 Level 1

    I puchased the disk off of apple.com. My hard drive has 120gb left. It originally had 250 I think.

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    If you have a PPC G5 iMac (non-intel), Snow Leopard is incompatible with your computer.  If you have an Intel iMac, it's possible your disc is damaged.  You should call Apple Sales for another disc.




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