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I have a MacBook Pro from September and had One to One transfer all files/programs (including 2008 Office).  I then purchased the Office for Mac 2011 program and they installed it (I guess they did not remove the older program).  It has never worked correctly and I have tried to contact Microsoft to no avail.


None of the documents open with Fonts intact (Word and Excel open up blank though the graphic elements show up.  I have to Select All and choose a font to make it show up. 


Powerpoint is barely functional (none of the layouts actually show up when I select them, the sidebar of slides does not update as I type or try to change themese, etc.  And then when I type, the program freezes and then shuts down.


I have uninstalled 2008 and 2011 and then re-installed 2011 but the same issues occur.  Someone on the microsoft community told me to remove my duplicate fonts, I ddi that and the same issues still occur. My brother has the same laptop and Office for Mac 2011 and no issues.


Can someone help me basically try to start fresh- should I uninstall again? (I waas told that installing/uninstalling too many times can further the problem).





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)