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For a while I was having bad problems with my USB mouse & keyboard. (original Apple components that came with the Mac pro) It got so bad that every few minutes they would stop working. After doing some research, I reset the SMC & PRAM. This seemed to work. Now, everything is fine until my computer goes to sleep. Then the mouse & keyboard stop working and the computer won't wake up! The red laser sensor light on the bottom of the mouse is off. If I push the power button 2 times, I can get the monitor to wake up back to the desktop, but the mouse & keyboard still don't work. If I use a wireless USB mouse I can restart the computer & things seem to work after that. Or if I unplug the computer, replug & reboot, everything is fine (until it goes to sleep.) I tried resetting the SMC & PRAM a 2nd time, but this did not help. Can anybody out there help? This is getting frustrating!

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)