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For a while I was having bad problems with my USB mouse & keyboard. (original Apple components that came with the Mac pro) It got so bad that every few minutes they would stop working. After doing some research, I reset the SMC & PRAM. This seemed to work. Now, everything is fine until my computer goes to sleep. Then the mouse & keyboard stop working and the computer won't wake up! The red laser sensor light on the bottom of the mouse is off. If I push the power button 2 times, I can get the monitor to wake up back to the desktop, but the mouse & keyboard still don't work. If I use a wireless USB mouse I can restart the computer & things seem to work after that. Or if I unplug the computer, replug & reboot, everything is fine (until it goes to sleep.) I tried resetting the SMC & PRAM a 2nd time, but this did not help. Can anybody out there help? This is getting frustrating!

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    P.S. When the monitor wakes up, the "Blue Tooth Mouse Setup" window opens and one of the messages at the bottom reads (in red) "No mice have been found. Make sure your mouse is 'discoverable."

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    Update: This morning, the wireless USB mouse trick would NOT work. The red laser sensor light on the bottom of the mouse was ON, but the Apple USB mouse & keyboard still wouldn't work. The ONLY way I can consistently get them to work is to unplug the computer (while it's running), replug & reboot. I don't think that this is healthy for my Mac.

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    I have the exact problem except mine is not an apple mouse and keyboard. Can't figure out why it's happening but it happens when I plug my ipad in and walk away and then the computer goes to sleep. When I come back, they don't work.


    Seen a few other posts similar to this so it's obviously a problem. Hope we can find a fix soon.

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    Did anyone ever get an answer to this? 


    I have problen on mac pro. The keyboard and mouse stopped working. After several reboots, they worked, then stopped again.  A few reboots later, the keyboard was working, but not the mouse.  Lost count of reboots. Eventually I reverted back to the Apple mouse and keyboard and unplugged all other usb devices.  After another set of who-knows-how-many hard reboots, i have both working (sort of) so that i can write this post.  "sort of" means that the keyboard is not working properly.  Half this note is being written using the show keyboard, and clicking the keys with my mouse.  For some strange reason, the following keys do not work: ; p u m 0 / (as well as their shift case equivalents).  taking forever to write this.



    Repaired permissions 2 times to no avail.



    Any ideas?