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I have 2nd generation ipod while upgrating the Itunes and iOs , there were many pop out , one of them was to reset all the apps and games to factory reset.

Now I lost all the games and apps from my iPod , and I couldn't find any games or apps compatible with this iOS 4.2.1

Is there any way to find any apps /games for this iOS 4.2.1 in apple store. Is there a way of upgrade to 4.3. OR apple is asking to throw all the older version just like that ,

Any help would be appreciated to find some apps.


iPod touch (2nd generation), iOS 4.2
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    - Your 2G iPod can only go to iOS 4.2.1

    - There is not way to search for just compatible apps.Yu nust have to find an app that inters you and look at the requirements section to see if it is compatible.

    - if you have the version that was compatible on your computer such as in the recycle bin/trash or in a computer file backup. In that case delete the current version that is in your iTunes App library and replace it with the older version. Then sync.

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    thanks, for the info, after researching i also found the same answers . .

    - there are some apps where it says it is compatible to iOS 4.2 but sometimes if there is no iPod 2nd generation is mentioned then it also doesnt work.

    - will need to look directly for older versions of good apps thru different means.

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    Not sure if this will help, but I was running into the same problem trying to find apps for my daughters Iphone 3g running 4.2.1.  What I did was go to the Itunes store through Itunes on my PC, and then went to the bottom of the main page and clicked "Browse." On the browse page I selected, App Store, Games (category), Kids (subcategory), and then a list of apps appears below.  I sorted by date (oldest to newest) by right-clicking next to "price" and choosing "release date" on the menu that pops up. The date created field will then be showing, which you can click on to sort newest to oldest or oldest to newest.  I downloaded a bunch of free apps starting from the oldest (by name - you don't have much else to go on).  Of the 30 or so I added to my Itunes, about 27 of them were compatible with 4.2.1.  This is defintely not a perfect way of finding apps, but after spending a lot of time searching for a better way this was the best I could come up with.

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              I followed your directions step by step and was able to download a ton of games onto my older Ipod. Thank you so much for your help!



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    Thanks for your helpful idea.

    edit... I just added the column POPULARITY. Now, couple that with FREE and when you see a long bar depicting a popular app, it should be fairly good, at least.

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    It sounds like vintapps in the app store is just made for you.

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    This really helps!

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    Thanks, this was very helpful