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I have a question on updating? How do I update to 10.7.5? I have Mac OS X 10.6.8. But when I click on "Software Update" on the apple icon it tells me that there is no available update and that I'm to date. I was trying to get something from the app store but it wont let me install it because I need 10.7.5 update. I'm confused.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    That's because OS X Lion is a paid upgrade, but the most recent version is OS X Mountain Lion.


    First, check if your Mac is supported > http://www.apple.com/osx/specs. If it's supported, open App Store and purchase OS X Mountain Lion. While it's downloading, you can make a Time Machine backup and/or a clone with Carbon Copy Cloner, so if the upgrade fails, you won't lose files.


    When the download finishes, the installer will appear, so follow the steps to upgrade to 10.8.2. After upgrading, you will be able to purchase the app that you couldn't install on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Also, check if your applications are supported > http://www.roaringapps.com

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    Oh I see what you mean. So basically for me to be able to download these new apps at the app store I must have Mountain Lion. So that 10.7.5 is basically in other words Mountain Lion. Let me see if my Mac is compatible for that download. I'm somewhat new to Mac so I didn't know those numbers actually meant that program.

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    10.7.5 belongs to OS X Lion, and 10.8.2 belongs to OS X Mountain Lion. I recommended you Mountain Lion because it's the latest version and because you have to call Apple if you want to purchase OS X Lion. See what OS X number belongs to each version:


    - 10.0.x > Cheetah

    - 10.1.x > Puma

    - 10.2.x > Jaguar

    - 10.3.x > Panther

    - 10.4.x > Tiger

    - 10.5.x > Leopard

    - 10.6.x > Snow Leopard

    - 10.7.x > Lion

    - 10.8.x > Mountain Lion

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    But to get Mountain Lion I don't have to call apple, right? Just download it from the app store?

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    You can purchase Mountain Lion in the App Store

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    If your internet connection is limited or slow you may want to save the Mountain Lion installer to a USB stick/another disk before running it - useful should you ever need to do a re-install. The installer is a 4gb+ download and self deletes once it has run.

    If you do download it the file will be saved to your Applications folder. On completion of the download you will be presented with a window to run the installer. If you want to save the file, before clicking to run the installer save a copy of the file elsewhere.