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Hi y'all


I started creating an ebook in ibooks author version 1 that included a widget I found on the 'net that embedded a youtube video that played from the web. There's also http://bookry.com/author/widget/library/youtube/ widget and http://ibooksgenerator.com


I've since upgraded to version 2 and started working on this ebook again.


however, now, none of the widgets that played youtube videos work any more. When I tap on the video in the preview on my iPad, all I get is a white box and the video isn't visible nor does it play (i don't hear any audio or see video).


I've also seen on another thread something about Apple not approving books any more with videos that play from the web as they expect them to be included in the book so it could be played offline. (reference https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4005675?start=0&tstart=0)


I've spent several hours trying to figure out if this will work (and not having any success). Do any of you have any advice?