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my new xmas gift ipad when connected to my mac, was able to sync with another ipad account that is not mine (don't ask me how, I am not sure why.)  As a result, I have several apps on my new ipad that I love but did not officially purchase.  my ipad also is synced with the "other" ipad owner's account.  I want to delete that account off of my ipad but don't want to lose the apps.  please help.

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    You didn't buy the apps, so you really have no right to keep them.


    You don't delete accounts off of the device, you sign in and out of accounts. Settings>iTumes & App Stores>Apple ID. You can sign out of the wrong account in there and sign in with your own account.

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    You can change the iCloud account you are linked with in Settings. However, you will encounter issues when those apps want to be updated, as it will ask for the password of the other account. You are better off in the long term purchasing those apps for your own account.

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    thanks for the responses but I still am curious--will the apps go away?

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    Only if you delete them or otherwise wipe your iPad.