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Hi and Happy New Year to @ll,


I think my bootcamp Windows XP partition didn't like the last Power cut.

As I intended to boot from it, the cursor stays on the Windows XP icon then blocks.

I can see the disk and its content from the finder ; I think the MBR is damaged.

Is there a way to repare it?


Thanks to @ll



iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.6.3), 2.8 GHz Intel Core Duo 4 Gb 667 SDRAM 1 Tb HD
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    The easiest way was to insert the bootable Wondows XP setup into the CD-ROM reader, then reboot the iMac with ALT-key pressed down, then choose the Windows CD-ROM icon which appeared in the Bootcamp deices choice.

    Afterwhile, Windows XP setup program propose to type R to repair a Windows XP installation ; then it requires to type 1 (of the alpha keyboard) + enter to choose the C: drive to repair.

    Then type "exit" and enter and the systeme reboots on the repaired drive.

    I guess that the MBR was out of order and that the repairing process consisted in copy the MBR backup to the initial MBR.


    That's it