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After too many permission problems and slow downs by old back-ups, I started fresh on a new Mac Pro. I am trying to get my old i7 iMac ready for my wife and rebooted on the iMac DVD, erased the HD, and when I went to install OS Leopard, i got an error that it could not install it because of some Epson printer file issue. It told me to restart, which i did, and then I saw a blue screen and it was not doing anyting. The HD was erased so there is nothign on it.


So i hold the power button down to turn it off, and restart with the "C" key pressed down. It started making all the noises of a boot up on DVD, then nothing. It has been over 30 minutes trying to start, no sounds, just sitting and spinning the spoke wheel in the gray start up screen and every now and then the DVD makes a noise but it won't get out of gray screen and I gotta believe after 30 minutes it should be doing something. I am afraid to turn it off and try again, so I will ask the community what I should do.


Any help is greatly appreciated.