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I work with iMovie already a long time (couldn't find however time to change / to learn iMovie 11). I have a lot of projects with Standard Definition footage. Since I have a full HD camcorder I got stuck a little bit. I want to add some new, that means HD, footage into an existing SD project. I guess this cannot be done or you have to accept the new footage also in the lower SD quality.(I work still with iMovie HD 6.04 (2674)


Therefore I did  start a new HD project and I tried to import the SD footage into this project (with copy paste). This is very time consuming and NOT succesfull. The first 8 or 10 clips were imported (copied) without a problem but with the second number of clips (I started with copy/paste only with a small number of clips to figure out if it works) I got the message that not every clip could be copied/imported (no reason given). So only a small nummer of clips were copied and some clips were completely black.


Who can make me happy with a good advise? Can it be done? Is it better first to remove all transitions ect or is there a better way. Or do I have to work with iMovie 11 (oh no ?)


thanks a lot.videomakker (NL)


Macbook Pro retina OSX 10.8.2