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I'm trying to manually identify and delete duplicates in my library. I'd hoped to simplify the task (my library has 10,000 photos) by moving groups of photos from specific events into a folder, identify the the duplicates, and then delete them.


Is it possible to delete photos FROM IPHOTO from within folders? I know the default is to delete the photos from the folder and have them remain in the library, but deleting them from within folders would make a cumbersome process much, much easier.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), mid-2011 i5
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    (Right-clicking on the photo within the album offers a trash option, but when I select it the photo disappears from the album but does not appear in the trash.)

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    To move a photo from an Album and the Library use the










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    Use the free duplicate remove app  iPhoto Duplicate Cleaner or  iPhoto Library Manager.  The former is very good and free the latter is the best dup remover I've tried and worth the price as you also get an extensive iPhoto utility with iPLM.



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    Thanks. I tried Duplicate Annihilator, but I didn't trust its choices about which photos to keep--double-checking seemed to take as long as doing it manually.

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    PS. I've just tried iPhoto Library Manager, and it's brilliant. Unlike Duplicate Annihilator, it doesn't just flag duplicates but seeks them out and shows them to you side by side. I realize my idea of finding duplicates by hand was insane. (Never tried the free alternative you mention--had forgotten about it.)