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Hey all. I have a mid-2009 MBP 13" and since downloading Mountain Lion, I've seen a whole slew of new issues crop up.

Note, I had none of these prior to the switch from Snow Leopard:


1. Incredibly shortened battery life (~1-2 hours lost on battery life)

2. Errors in battery life calculation (sudden jumps)

3. Refusing charger (acknowledges it's plugged in, but no charge)

4. Incredibly slow performance (opening/closing/toggling applications)

5. Slower browsing speeds (slower to open windows and tabs, load pages/images, streaming)

6. Slower start up speed (was ~5 minutes, is now ~10)

7. Higher frequency of blank screens (blue after sleep, white after startup, black during use, gray notifications background over whole screen during use too)

8. Lack of software compatibility with camera/printer/scanner


I've tried disk and permission repairs to see if I couldn't get back some of my speed, but nothing helped. Has anyone else had these problems? Should I just scrap the **** thing and go back to Snow Leopard, or is there some way around this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Have you tried to make a clean install? Upgrades can give problems, and your problem is so big. Make a clone with Carbon Copy Cloner. To make a clean install:


    1. Press Command and R keys while your Mac is starting.


    2. Open Disk Utility, select Macintosh HD in the sidebar and erase the drive.


    3. Close Disk Utility and install OS X. After installing OS X, restore manually the data from the clone

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    It is possible you have third-party software causing much of that, but I don't know what you have on your system, which tends towards mende1's suggestion.


    7. Higher frequency of blank screens (blue after sleep, white after startup, black during use, gray notifications background over whole screen during use too)

    Higher Frequency? If you had any of that before, you already had problems with your system. You shouldn't have any of that.


    The power thing could just require resetting the SMC and possibly PRAM:



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    I had the black screens prior, but they were infrequent. I'd noticed a couple discussions on them before of MBPs from the same time period as mine, and last I checked there was no known cause or fix. The screen goes black but the computer still runs normally. Sometimes it rights itself if you just hit a couple keys, sometimes you have to close it and come back in 5-10 minutes, but it's never been a huge deal. The blue screen happened now and again too, but not very often. The others are new phenomenons.


    As for third party stuff, I don't have a lot of software installed, really, so I don't know what could cause it. Just some art programs, chat programs, ms office, and iwork (don't ask why I have both, I know it's silly).


    But as for mende1, I'll look into it. Could I do the same thing using my external HD? I do regular (every week or so) Time Machine backups with it.

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    Your Time Machine drive is perfect, so you can save the clone although it's recommended

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    Try backing up your hard drive using TimeMachine (or something else if you want).  Do a clean install of MountainLion.  Before restoring your settings, documents, and apps from your TimeMachine backup, play with your MBpro for a couple of days to see if those issues are still there.  Then, restore your backup and see if those problems are all back.


    As far as incompatibility issues with peripherals, try reinstalling the drivers from OS X.6 or 7.  Updates for peripherals and software may also exist on the manufacturer's Websites. 


    I know that's not the traditional Apple way, but Apple has changed a lot during the explosive growth years (shortly before the introduction of Intel processors).  Microsoft has shrunk to about 1/3 or 1/4 of its original glory-days size, and Apple has grown to be more than double the size of current Microsoft.  I wonder where all of those laid-off MS employees went... hmmmm.

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    If you log in using another account, like Guest, are things the same?


    What happens if you boot into the Safe Mode:



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    Hi mende 1,

    Happy new year ! Happy to know a mac expert is near by . Any way have to reply to this thread ,  mac user since 2004 , user I said , just to make it clear . Started wiyh a G4 mini with panther ( still works perfectly , never had to erase drive or re install) 2 white intel based imacs which originaly came with Tiger ( with now issues ) running all sort of apps thanks to Rosetta and running  one of the most beatifull mac os feature in my opinion " Front Row" , updated to leopard ( no clean installs recovering everything with wonderfull TM ) , updated to snow leopard (same way no clean installs and recovered everything perfectly from time machine ) now both machines running 10.6.8 better then when brought them new , when in time system gets a bit slow just run onyx or applejack and there perfect again. Also have a 2011, 13", macbookpro , came with snow leopard and was working perfectly till i updated to Lion and to mountain Lion than all sort of issues and nightmares plus no longer rosetta , front row , save as ( recovered in mountain lion at least ) , followed all sugestions given here in different threads , clean installs smc and pram resets all and still battery life issues , start and shut down issues , wifi problems , suden hangs after or during sleep mode , more ram usage etc. Since Lion , overall unstable experience. So UPGRADED back to SNOW LEOPARD and all perfect again in my 2011 macbook pro. Latest Mac I bought , Mac MIni Late 2011 model 5.2 with Lion installed , updated to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (worst) . Did all , clean installs, everything...resulting same unestable experience mentioned above plus there new mac , so not oficially posible to go back to snow leopard. But There found a wonderfull thread here about installing snow leopard on new mac mini ( more then 100.000 views) Yes We Can !

    Thanks to Newfoundglory , Dimeo and many other participants, yes we can !!! Partitioned hard drive on my mac mini , one is running beatifully Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and other smaller partition I left with mountain Lion !0.8.2 clean install wit ilife 11 and no third party software at ALL ( still unestable) kept it expecting Apple to fix the mess in future updates , I hope... Geek benched both systems on same computer with better scores in 32 bit and 64 bit with SNOW LEOPARD . Sent already all sort of details thru FEEDBACKS to APPLE ( I always do ). This is my personal experience as a USER . Thanks and regards to all .

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    Curious :-). For a lot of users, Lion was one of the worst OS X versions, but Apple did a great work with Mountain Lion. On my iMac, I have never had any problem and I'm very happy with my iMac with Mountain Lion

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    Thats why I remarked its my personal experience . My Mac Mini 5.2 late mid 2011 bought january 2012 with 4gb ram . Drive partition with mountain lion 10.8.2 clean install ( mean downloaded and made bootable drive etc.) All Ok . After all procedure entered disk utility , repared permitions and hard drive all clean . Rest smc and pram. After a few days specialy slow shut downs and sudent hangs when waking up system , having to force shut down with main button. With snow leopard forced on the mini with all added kexts and old apps rosetta etc . no issues at all everything working perfectly . No panics, hangs , nothing and fast yes faster then ever .

    What I can say about new Imac not nice either. Bought one last year 21.5 brand new Imac with snow , yes working perfectly till i got some weird smugs under the screen glass, so went to genius at apple store xanadu. They cleaned smug issue but genius guy told me after testing few hours under their clean evoirement smug apeared again so they gave a new imac , after 2 months same issue and again they replace another new imac and happened again after a month , there all together three imacs gave up and ended finally with macbook pro mentioned above. Now latest imacs come with glass sealed with screen which means no air in between , so no smugs.

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    Going back to what you've said, I've just now started getting white screens after entering my password once my laptop has been put to sleep, and instead of showing my wallpaper behind the login screen like usual in mountain lion, it shows the generic galaxy background, but only sometimes. Any clue what this might be indicative of?

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    I want to thank everyone for their suggestions! It looks like the consensus is that I'll have to either do a clean install, one way or another, whether it's Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion. *****, but it is what it is, I guess!



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    indianavex,  Let me jump in here, I've experienced the exact same issues that you've listed and even more, when I upgraded my 2009 17" MBP to ML ten days ago. The most alarming issue which had to be dealt with, was no screen (stayed black) on wake. Screensaver stopped working altogether, and the machine was running so hard in sleep mode. I've spent the last ten days scouring posts in Apple Support Communities and Mac Rumors and have tried many of the recommendations suggested.  Right now both my 2011 17" MBP and my 2009 17" MBP  both using ML are working as very nicely.  I say that with bated breath because so many posters have claimed to have fixed issues, report back saying no dice. There are so many varying issues and they are all over the map. There is some consistency in shared  problems like: WiFi dropping off, very slow networks,  no wake out of sleep, but by in large the range of issues is broad and affects the Apple family of Macs from the latest and going back several years.


    I can share what I did to correct the issues that ML created for mostly my 2009 17" MBP.  I say that with some reserve because like years and models in Macs don't seem to correlate as you'd expect. First, your battery.  Yesterday, my battery stopped charging, wouldn't go higher than 84%. It had dropped down to 18% in no time when I moved it to print a document and didn't connect the mag safe adapter.  I have four areas set up in my house to work, each one with a mag safe adapter.  Each station is set up with a surge protector and a mag safe power cable. Last night I moved the 2009 MBP to the living room and to my surprise within minutes, the battery reached 100% and has stayed at 100%.  This is the first time in many weeks that it has hit 100%. So I unplugged the other three mag safe power adapters and the power strips of the surge protectors, let them sit for a few minutes before plugging them back in. You might try moving to a different outlet, different room to see if this helps.


    Last week I did a PRAM and SMC reset, which did nothing.  I rebooted the Ubee modem and Time Capsule, no change.  These are the steps I took to get a good working solution, thanks to the culmination of reading so many posts and trying the steps suggested by seasoned users.


    First,  Changed Energy Preferences to: longer battery life, Unchecked Wake for Network Access, put the Computer Sleep to never, the Display Sleep to 7 minutes. Opened Preferences; went to screensaver preferences, chose National Geo. pictures, instead of my own photos. Set timer for 5 minutes.  Restarted MBP.

    Opened Disk Utility: ran Verify Disk Permissions, Repair Disk permissions, Very Disk and Repair Disk for both the Macintosh HD and the Media Drive. Restarted MBP. At this point I could wake the MBP and the screensaver worked for the first time. I stood very close to it most of the day.  Previously, I had been using the power Off/On as a means of getting a screen at all, my only means of getting it out of sleep mode.  And we all know how bad that is to do.


    Then, I reset and rebooted both the Ubee modem and Time Capsule. I created a new 5MHz network, using WPA/WPA2 personal security. Then chose the option to make a guest network, chose WPA/WPA2 personal security. Restarted MBP.

    Then, Opened Preferences, clicked Network, my new 5GHz network was in Network name. Then clicked Advanced. Under Preferred Networks I deleted all the old  networks except my two new ones, the 5GHz and guest network.  Made sure the 5GHz network was on top.  Restarted MBP.  Checked again,to see that the networks had actually been deleted from Network preferences.


    Then, Opened Key Chain: Made sure the new networks were in both Login's and System, and that the new Time Capsule (disk and application passwords) were there.  I deleted all the old WiFi Networks and old Time Capsule (disk and application) passwords in both Login's and System. Restarted MBP.  Went back to Keychain to verify the change.  Some had not kept my changes; I repeated the same deletes again. Restarted MBP, checked Keychain again.


    Then, back to Energy Preferences, and took the Computer Sleep off of Never, and set it to 15 minutes. Important: That is the only change made.  Did not recheck Wake For Network Access. Restarted MBP

    Last step, Opened Disk Utility, and went through the same steps as before.  Restarted MBP. 


    Both MBP's run beautifully, going on four days now.  This is interesting.  I have never experienced my 2009 MBP to run so quietly, EVER, especially in sleep mode.

    I hope some of this might help you.  These posts are awesome.  I leaned so much from the seasoned users, and appreciate so much the time that so many fellow users have taken in helping others. This is one really good thing, in a very disappointing ride with Apple on the unfixed and often denied glitches and bugs that Lion and Mountain Lion have come with.