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How do I erase a new drive from a bootable cd Snow Leopard cd? The new drive started with a windows image stuck in the optical drive. Now the Bootable Snow Leopard doesn't see a drive.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    Go to Utilities menu > Disk Utility and select the hard disk at the top of the sidebar.


    Then, go to Erase tab and erase the disk with "Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Finally, close Disk Utility and install Mac OS X

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    No, I can't see a drive on the system to erase.  I think when I booted up with the new drive there was a windows disk stuck and reloaded something.  Could it maybe changed the rom??

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    When Sonw Leopard ask for a drive to install Mac OS X  Nothing shows up in the window???

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    Tony, did you partition the disk as GUID? That,s required to be bootable by OS X. The instructions here are for Tiger and Leopard but it hasn't changed.


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    Hi Mike,

    The problem is I can't see any drive's to format.  I can only see the optical drive.  I tried the Press Option-Command-P-R until you hear startup sound a second time.

    I saw a windows partition and a recovery partition. Tried to reformat and now the same thing. I can't get back to selecting a drive, Nothing shows up to format or load.


    I guess I am in over my head trying to help someone.

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    I'm just a little confused here...you said this was a new drive? When you start up using the Snow Leopard DVD are you selecting your language and at the next screen going to the menu bar and under Utilities are you starting Disk Utility?

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    Sorry my bad.  When I got this laptop to fix, they said it had a bad drive.  I purchased a drive. As you know they just slide in.  I slide in the new drive start it up. Well the optical drive had a cd in it and I didn't realise until it loaded. It started to load windows 7 image??? Crazy..  I had to take apart the optical drive, because it wouldn't eject and thats when I found out it was a windows 7 image cd. Then they tell me someone other than me was trying to get this mac to work before they came to me. 

    So here we are:

    So then I put the optical back together put the Snow Leopard install in, it goes through the set up until it gets to where to instal and there is no hard drive that shows up.  So I thought the windows cd changed something...


    I have added new drives before but this time I am in over my head. Thanks for your help.

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    Ok .....so I read all of that and nowhere does it mention that you're using Disk Utility the way I suggested from the install disc. At the second screen, the one immediately after you select your language are you going to the Utilities menu and starting Disk Utility? The disk is unformatted and the only way the Mac is going to see it in that state is through Disk Utility. That's where you partition and format the drive.

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    Using disk utility no disk showed up. 

    Now I tried

    Press Option-Command-P-R until you hear startup sound a second time.

    Now I got to the partition mode.


    Then I got to options and reformatted using GUID.  Now Snow Leopard is loading.   Great news...


    I think I am set for now.  Will let you know if all goes well about 30 mins it says.  However, I am back to that problem of ejecting the cd but I will deal with that once its loaded.


    Thanks for your help.


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    You can force the optical drive to eject y restarting while holding the trackpad button down, or by opening Terminal in the Utilities folder and typing the following

    Drutil eject


    If the drive has a mechanical failure that won't allow it to eject it will have to be replaced.