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I am unsuccessfully trying to set up my Epson WF 3520 printer with airprint. It is asking for the Bonjour location. How do I find this out?

Printer, Windows XP
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    I had the same problem, the "bonjour location" is simply the IP address of your printer in this particular case. If you download the "Epsom printer finder" with your printer turned on and with the network light on the printer, indicating that its found the network, i.e. it is lit up, the printer finder will come up with the printer's IP address.. The address is normally nine digits in a sequence; XXX.XXX.X.XX enter the address and the software (in this case, obviously Epsom) will do the rest

    My iPad mini, and my wife's iPad were both immediately able to send print jobs to the printer.


    Hope this helps

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    Do you have any experience in connecting several macs to it over an ethernet network?


    My situation:

    1. I connected the router and the printer

    2. One Mac and one pc are connected to the router directly as well: They can both print and scan. The Mac says "bonjour" when connecting to it in system preferences.

    3. Two other Macs are connected to the router over a dLan network (devolo): They can scan but printing does not work. The Mac finds it only as a scanner. It says "bonjour scanning".


    I installed everything on every machine. Every driver and every app... Why can't I print from the other two macs?


    Now the weird thing: It worked once. The printer also shows up in the printing dialog. Now it says "printer not connected" every time I try to use it on the two other macs.