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So I've been looking into buying a classic (old) Apple as a starter product, to learn about Mac and to use as a media library to use with my iPod Classic (which is my only Apple product so far and I love).


I was thinking of buying a Clamshell iBook G3 in Graphite because I liked the style so much but since looking into in I think that bearing in mind its memory and usability and the limited effect any upgrades might have I've decided that something a little more current might be better.


I then looked at a G4 iMac, again partly because it looks so good, it really is a modern icon, and I have agreed to buy a iMac G4/1.0 15 inch "FP" (USB 2.0)


I should point out that my experience of Apples is limited to just my iPod and my technical upgrade knowledge is limited to just upgrading my iRiver's battery and memory by following some instructions, so good at learning and following instructions, beyond that iffy!


It has only 512 RAM which I think will be the first thing I upgrade but from looking to guides on the web and YouTube I think I can handle that in that its just a case of using the expansion slot in the base and then swapping the larger RAM with the stick deeper in the base.


So that being okay (I think?)


I want to upgrade the hard drive from its present 80GB to something a little bigger to dump MP3s (which are propably already near to the limit of the G4's capabilities) and I've been looking at a 500GB upgrade which should be future proof for what I have in mind, which is to use it as a music and film jukebox.


So I was looking to install a Western Digital 500GB Blue 7200rpm 16MB SATA 6Gb/s as an upgrade.


Aside from the swapping of the hard drives physically I don't know too much more about what I might have to do, I think I can hand the unplugging and plugging in part but after that I am pretty clueless


So I am a little worried if I plow on mindlessly to do this I might end up with a non-working G4, can anyone advise me as to what I will need to do?


I know this sounds like dreadful newbie behaviour but I think these upgrades could be really great and mean that a beautiful G4 will go on to years of love and constant use, any thoughts? Particularly I want to know if this system will need more done to it to work with my WiFi?


Thanks, Wizard

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