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I have problem with my phone this morning. First it didn't not connect to wifi so when i check in the setting, i found there is no wifi available shown in box so i did reset but still same couldn't find any wifi. then my email start crash. i can't open email app so i go setting again and delete the email account and add again so i can see my email again. then i start try to turn the wifi, it is become gray and not able to turn wifi on. i did reset and clsoe but still same. anyone have idea how to fix. Thank

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    See this tip: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1559


    You may have a hardware failure, however. Especially if BlueTooth is greyed out also.

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    Thank for suggestion. I did the network reset but still same problem. my phone was working with wifi till this moring before i come to work. it start happen just afew min ago only. Blutooth still can on no problem. i still can see wifi mac address in setting. only left to do is to rest the whole iphone to factory setting. it is abit difficult for me. take time and i could not do here as i don't bring my laptop.

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    Before you do that, Reset Network Settings.

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    Mr. Finch ... hate to hijack, but if you have a few moments, another person may be in it deep: https://discussions.apple.com/message/20826455#20826455

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    Hi, Steve; you seem to be handling it well so far. All of your suggestions are right on. I'll monitor the thread if I can think of anythig else.

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    Hi Mr. Finch,


    Thanks for you suggestion. I will do once i back home. I have another issue but it is not relate to wifi, if you can help on. my girlfriend phon 4, 8GB is so hot during charging and battery drain so fast. Another problem is camera can't focus. So when we shoot photo near object alway blur. I try to call apple techanical support but they are always busy and can't give the right answer.

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    I found my iphone 4 photos were blurry because there was a plastic protective coating on the back and front of the phone.  This also covered the cameras and when dirty the pictures became blurry.


    I cut out the plastic around the camera lenses and everthing is now great... well, I was embarrassed.

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    Hi Dartiesdad,


    Thank for your answer but we did remove plastic cover since bought. the problem is camera is not focusing. not able to focus so if take photo near to object it won't clear... only far object can be clear. i did test without any cover and any plastic cover behind...

    something wrong with phone. but it is only 2week old phone

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    If it gets hot and discharges fast there is a program on the phone that is stuck in a loop sending data or trying to send and failing. You need to find that program and kill it. If you have an Exchange email account or an iCloud account it can be one of those; try turning off the email accounts (Settings/Mail,contacts,calendar, then tap on the account name for the switches), rebooting the phone (hold HOME and SLEEP at the same time until an Apple log appears), then turn the accounts back on. The FaceBook app can also cause this problem.


    For the camera focus, if you have a case on the phone try removing it. If that fixes the problem your case is incompatible with the phone. If that doesn't fix it take the phone to an Apple store (make an appointment first) and they will replace it, because the warranty is 1 year.

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    Hi Finch,


    thank for your answer. i did all kind of things like i restore the phone as new without any problem but problem still same also camera, can't do any focus. i think i will go to service provider. One things i'm not sure you have experience. I bought my iphone 4s from singapore and currently i'm working in thailand. i'm not sure i can go to apple service provider. Please advice me if you have knowledge on that. i can't go back to singapore just for repair my phone.

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    iPhone service is only officially provided in the country where the phone was sold, so Thai service providers are not required to fix it. They may help you out of kindness, but they are not required to.

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    Thank Mr. Finch,


    I will try here in Thai. The cost to bring my phone to fix in singpaore will be good enough to buy new phone.

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    Btw, for my iphone 4s Wifi button i did try all the step suggest from apple but still same i could not open wifi. it is look like hardware failure. Even i did factory restore also having the same problem.

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    I knew already the cause of the problem. That is the wifi chip damage of lose connection when it drop frequently or because of vibration. only way is send to apple to get new one but it is not applicable for me because i bought my phone in singapore and apple care refuse to repair in different country. other option is replace the wifi chip at outside phone shop. it will voide warranty but it will work.