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I know there are lots of questions regarding this in the forum however I can't find any that specifically answer my question.


I had issues with the volume on my iPhone 4S when playing songs. Apple couldn't fix it so replaced the handset. I have had icloud and backed up to it since it first came out but never had to actually use it until now!!


The guy in the Apple store advised me to restore from both iTunes and iCloud to make sure my phone was restored correctly. I plugged my phone into iTunes and restored but I'm not struggling to figure out how to do this from iCloud too! Is this even possible?! I am missing some content and photos which I would really like to get back if possible.


Is there anyway to now also restore last iCloud back up or do you have to choose from either iTunes or iCloud as opposed to restoring from both?!



iPhone 4S
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    1. It makes no sense to restore the backup from both, since restoring the second would replace the first.  What you want to do, is backup with both incase one backup fails to restore correctly, then you have an alternative:


    2. To restore the iCloud backup:


    Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.  Then reactivate the phone and  you'll get the option to restore the backup from either iCloud or iTunes.

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    Thanks, this is what I thought!


    I understand that iCloud doesn't back up apps though? Is this correct or does it back up the same content as iTunes?


    The other issue I was having with restoring from iCloud (which I initially tried to do before restoring from iTunes) was that the restore would commence and a few minutes from the end it would disconnect from the Wifi and fail. I did this a few times and it kept failing. I don't think this is my wifi as it works perfectly fine for my Mac and iPad during this time...

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    App and media are not part of any backup - iCloud or iTunes.  iTunes syncs your apps and media, which is a separate process than backing up.  If you use iCloud, apps and media are re-downloaded from the iTunes/App stores.