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Is it true that every iPhone comes with a 1 year warranty? What documents do I need to take to the Apple Store if I can get a new one? My iPhone is unlocked, I bought it online because I'll go to Brazil in June. I am currently in Canada.

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    every phone comes with a one year warranty but it doesnt cover water damage or accidently damage. so if you dont have ac+ then it will be 229$ to get it replaced

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    It doesn't cover water damage? Seriously?


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    Apple Care+ does, but sadly the warranty that comes with the phone doesn't. Sorry for your loss man. Good luck

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    no the warranty covers manufacture defects not accident damage.

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    What do I need to bring to the Apple Store if I want them to replace it for 229 dollars?

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    Rice is hit or miss but if you can (assuming you live in a home with a furnace) sit it up with the speakers facing down on an air flow register for about 10 minutes.  The heat from the furnace will not harm the sensitive components and will dry the phone out nicely including the display layers.  DO NOT USE a hair blower!  The iPhone is capable of drying out much more easily than phones with removable backs as the iPhone while sumbermeged in liquid (for a short time) will take on limited moisture hence can be dried and keep on keeping on.  My dauhter dropped her iPhone 5 in a toilet and it was fine after spending 24 hours in rice and 10 minutes on the air register while the furnace was producing heat.


    One last thing.  DO NOT POWER ON the phone until the drying out efforts have been completed and certainly DO NOT plug it in.

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    Its true that the rice thing worked. On my Iphone 4 I had it with me in the bathroom because I was listening  to music and i had it on top of my towel. and i droped it in the bath tub when i was staring up the water. I quiclky got it out and looked up on youtube what to do. SO what you should do is get a bag of rice it has to cover your phone complelty and put it in there for about 24 hours i had mine in there for 16 hours and it still worked. DO NOT TURN IT ON. IF YOU DROPED IT TURN IT OFF RIGHT AWAY.

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    silly question everything I have read says turn off phone ... my screen won't work so how do I turn it off I can't slide the power off button

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    The assumption is that the phone is effectively "off" after it being introduced to such ssignificant moisture.  There is a way to turn it off but you need to time it right.  Hold the power button and home button simultaneously, count to 7 and let go.  At this point the phone will not reboot and the phone will be "Off".