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i'm getting this error, I have restored the iphone 4 times.. wont work, whether i try setting it up through itune or wi-fi..nothing's working.. please help!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    If you are experiencing Activation Problems because your Device has been Hacked / Jailbroken / Modified...


    Then... Sorry... But...


    The discussion of Jailbroken Devices is against the Terms of Use of this Forum.


    You will need to look elsewhere.




    Unauthorized modification of iOS


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    I just wanted to update to the latest software version of the iphone and it gave me this error.. And i dont see how it could've been hacked, dont know what you could mean by "modified" but it was going through the restore just fine according to me.. it took about 90 something minutes.. then once it finished and should have come up in my itunes, this message came up. But i was able to update the version on my mother's 3gs just fine, without any problems. I have the IMEI # for that one too if you need it.. and also my brother updated his 4g.. So i dont really understand why mine is getting this error..

    Is there anythin else you could tell me or help me, in order to get it fixed?