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How to delete iCloud account?

  • cheonweb Level 4 (3,450 points)

    Settings>iCloud>delete account

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    Clicking on"Delete Account" on an iPad can be scary, the next message is about deleting photos and documents from this iPad.  Click "Delete Account" anyway.  The next message gives you a choice of saving your calendars and so forth on the iPad.  Click that choice.


    Oops!  If on your Mac you go to System Preferences > iCloud > Sign Out, you are given a choie to keep your contacts, but not calendars and reminders.  I chose Cancel on that one.


    I'll save that decision to another day.  I'll have to check how many of the events on my Mac are not on my iPad.


    Whatever happened to the seamless operations that Apple advertised several years ago?  Could it be like the song in "Kiss me, Kate"?  "Totally dead!"

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    You ask how to delete the iCloud. It seems that was not the case exactly.

    What do you wanna do?

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    I am disassociating my devices from iCloud.  Since iOS 6.1, it seems to be more trouble than it's worth.  Duplicate events being the chief problem.  Things are piling up on my desk while I try to clean things up.


    In one way I was lucky.  My iPhone and iPad came with iOS 6 installed, and so I missed the problems that many reported early last year.  Then when I upgraded to iOS 6.1 and ran into the password problem, things became worser and worser.

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    HELP ME... I admit Im not too smart when it comes to using my iphone4 Updated to most current iOS, what is it?? 7?  ANYWAY, I deleted I Cloud from My Apps. However when reviewing my photos, in the bottom center, you see "Shared" and when you engage this, it still pops up "iCloud Photo Sharing". Is this normal?


    I Found iCloud to be a total pain in the ***. Thus, I would like to go a different route, perhaps Flickr or Vimeo. Any Suggestions on this?


    ALSO, if you have the time, In "usage:" it shows that I Have "saved messages" however, I haven't saved any and ALL texts and email are clear... How do I delete this usage, in order to free up space in my phone.


    Along those lines, In "Diagnostic and Usage Data" There is a BUNCH of Diagnostic Reports... How in the World do I delete/remove these?


    I Know that I asked about more than just iCloud, however, I Hope someone out there can give me some answers. I went to Apple and reviewed the users manual for the iPhone4 and it was NO HELP at all.


    Thanking You in Advance, for your time and consideration, in and to these matters...  ~DeborahA~