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I sent an email and it keeps coming back as recovered. I am getting hundreds.

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I am getting the same, but it is 100s of the same 2 sent emails. I also can't send or recieve emails in Mail. I am recieving them on iCloud webmail but can't send from there either. Here is what has happened:


    1. Yesterday could not view 2 sent emails.

    2. Today they started coming in as unread 'recovered' emails, and I am getting them 100s of times over

    3. Since this morning I haven't been able to send or recieve emails in Mail, although incoming ones are on server. Can't send any from iCloud.


    What's going on?

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    Ok remove your email account and then add it in again. If you take a screen shot of it before you do it then all the information will be there for you. Or just write it all down. Works!!!!

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    Brill - thanks