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I want to take my internal HDD from my emac and transfer the info off that to a later mac desktop or laptop.

Is that possible?

I have the internal HDD plus I have all its info backed up on a 400 Firewire / USB external HD.

My OS X is 10.5.8 and I have the original 10.3.5 discs as well as the Leopard 10.5.1 disc.

I would like to retain my present OS as I don't like the later Operating Systems.

Is that even possible?

I have no idea how it would work so I'd be grateful for any help.

emac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
Solved by a brody on Jan 7, 2013 12:06 PM Solved

Read this tip about migrating to Intel Macs:


  • Niel Level 10 Level 10

    You put the eMac in FireWire Target Disk mode or connect the drive to the newer Mac; from here, either drag files over manually or use the Migration Assistant to put them into a new Mac OS X user account. The newer Mac probably won't be able to boot the older OS.



  • Allan Eckert Level 9 Level 9

    No. You can boot a Mac with an older version of OS X then it shipped with so there is no way to run the older version on the new Mac.


    You are either going to have to get used to the new one or go back to the old one on the old hardware if your dislike of the new version is that great.



  • Allan Jones Level 7 Level 7

    10.6 is ever so much nicer than 10.5. I stuck at 10.6 on my Intel iMac because I thought I needed Rosetta to run an older version of Creative Suite. When I decided to leave CS on an older G4 Mac, that reason to keep 10.6 faded.


    Then the family bought two new Macs that came with Mtn Lion 10.8. Although there are a few things I find a little to "new" or "socially-networked" (i'm not) they are minor enough to make me seriously consider moving my computer there also. And I'm about as picky as they come.


    If you have old software that requires a PowerPC Mac, you should keep the old eMac in service if possible


    PS: I think Allan Eckert meant to type "cannot boot" instead of "can boot."

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    Classic Mac OS

    Read this tip about migrating to Intel Macs:


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    Thank you all for your help, much appreciated.