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Here`s what the fcpx help file reads on optimized and proxy media,


  • Create optimized media: This option transcodes video to the Apple ProRes 422 codec format, which provides better performance during editing, faster render times, and better color quality for compositing. If the original camera format can be edited with good performance, this option is dimmed.
  • Create proxy media: This option creates video and still-image proxy files. Video is transcoded to the Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) codec format, which provides high-quality files useful for offline editing at the original frame size, frame rate, and aspect ratio. Final Cut Pro creates medium-quality (one-half resolution) proxy versions that increase editing performance. Video proxy files take up considerably less disk space, which often means you can work on a portable computer instead of a desktop computer that has significantly more memory and processing power. Still images are transcoded to either JPEG (if the original file doesn’t have alpha channel information) or PNG files (if the file has alpha channel information). Still-image proxy files facilitate faster processing and rendering when the original image is very large.



I`m still a little confused on the difference between the 2. is this correct below?


optimized media creates a copy of your clips and puts them in a folder on your drive (your events folder you created), that 422 version gives better performance and faster render times. This is for video only.


proxy media also creates a copy of your original source files, both video and still image photos,

and puts it in a folder on your drive at one half the resolution of the original source files.


I`m trying to use up less disc space with duplicates, and wondering if its enough to just create proxy files and not optimized media.

is the main difference that proxy is far lower resolution and works on photos as well?


Or for overall faster performance would I choose to create both proxy and optimized media?

(I cannot see why I would use both?).

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