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I use Windows via Fusion Ware so I can continue to use Quicken software. My Mac OS is Leopard and my Windows XP Version 5.1, Service Pack 3. Lately I have found that when I am entering transactions in Quicken, my mouse zips all over the register before I have a chance to save the entry and then I have to track the entry down and start all over.  I have tried changing all of the mouse settings.  I have changed any Quicken settings I thought might be causing a problem.  I have even tried to "sneak" up on the mouse by moving as fast as I can to get the transaction saved before it has a chance to zip around. Nothing I have tried has worked. This is a new development. I think it changed with an upgrade but I can't say which one because everyone is always upgrading something. I'm just a grandma trying to muddle my way through this stuff . Any help would be appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)