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  • dwaynefromglasgow Level 1 Level 1

    Also on T-Mobile (EE) using the 3G network and my phone repeatedely shows 000-00.  Unable to make calls and when people try calling my number they hear "this number is not recognised".  Very strange, T-Mobile has advised that 000-00 is a hardware fault code and apple will exchange the device if still in warranty.  Genius Bar appointment booked. photo copy.jpg

  • OFPQ Level 1 Level 1

    Service Provider: EE (3G) - Orange UK

    Device Type: iPhone 4s





    Just off phone from Orange Support


    This is a known issue for 3G customers using iPhones where the auto carrier selection cannot differentiate between the two available EE networks:

    "EE" = EE 4G

    "EE (3G)" = Orange/T-Mobile 3G


    They are working on despatching an update though at this time they are unable to provide an eta.



    Disable Automatic Carrier Selection [Settings | Carrier | Automatic = OFF]

    Phone will begin searching for available networks

    Manually select "EE (3G)"



    EE may be listed in the manual carrier list.

    This relates to the 4G network and should only be selected if you have a 4G package with EE.

    For Orange / T-Mobile 3G customers, select "EE (3G)"

  • will220 Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone know if this issue is any closer to having a permanent fix. I'm still confused whether its an EE issue or an iPhone issue. 

  • jsquires1990 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey all,


    Just off phone with Orange, and they reckon its a problem with iPhones connecting to the local network masts.


    Apparently 48 hours from now Apple will be issuing a software update that addresses this problem, im not holding my breath because to be honest, it seemed like the guy just wanted me off the phone!!!


    So keep your eyes and ears open and look out for this 'software update', and when/if it doesnt come through please everybody bombard Orange, T-mobile and EE.


    But hey lets hope they were telling the truth...

  • dwaynefromglasgow Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all...


    to update you on my progress from May...


    As advised by T-Mobile (EE) I booked a genuis bar appointment and went in.  After explaining my issues with the Apple Genuis I was advised that it was unlikely to be a hardware fault although he did confirm the 000-00 is a genuine apple fault code. 


    I then basically had to plead with him that I had exhausted all options with T-Mobile, having been given 3 new sim cards, trying my sim in other phones etc and did not have any other options left, as a gesture of goodwill Apple kindly provided me with a replacement iPhone there and then.  I was advised to monitor the issue by Apple but should the problem re-occur it would idicate a network fault on the T-Mobile (EE) network.


    Later that day, the issue came back, and with a brand new handset. 


    After a lenghty discussion with a manager at EE I was finally advised that they were aware of a network issue affecting "apparently" a small number of 4G enabled hansets using non LTE(4G).  I was informed I had two viable options at this point;


    a) continue with the issue until EE can develop and launch a "carrier update" which would prevent the phone losing network when switching between the strongest signal mast in your particular area. There was no confimed date for this at this time.


    b) migrate to EE LTE.


    Unable to afford missing more calls I did the latter, being migrated to EE LTE.  I was able to keep my same number and as a gesture of good will they did not reset my contract commitment.


    Since having this done I have had absolutely no issues with network, I have never seeen the 000-00 again.  I suspect EE are trying to brush a issue they are fully aware of under the carpet, hoping most people will get fed up and eventually migrate to EE 4G.  I have every sympathy for thse who still experience the issue.


    I live in Glasgow and luckliy have 4G but this is not the case nationwide.  Of those interested using the speed checker I am now getting 32mbps download and 18mbps upload speeds.  A huge improvement and has kind of lightened the blow of the cost between T-Mobile and EE.


    Good luck to all still waiting for EE to come up with their solution for their legacy network customers.

  • JF_1010 Level 1 Level 1

    To update my situation...


    Was on Orange 3G - was getting the 00-000

    Took the leap to EE 4G - still getting the 00-000.

  • Itsmith03 Level 1 Level 1

    I was on t-mobile 3G never had the 000-00 problem.

    Moved over to EE-Lte I get the 000-00 at least once per week.

    Turning the phone off and on seems to be the only way to get signal back.

    I have had my phone changed by an apple store and am still getting this problem.

    My network settings have been reset before on a few occasions but have not worked.

    4G is nowhere in my area or near me so they can not use that excuse.

    EE blame the Apple iPhone. As far as I can tell no other network is having this issue so why would it be the phone?

    I'm completely out of ideas on what else I can do.

  • Ssppbb Level 1 Level 1

    I came from Orange, into a EE LTE contract as I live in a 4G area. I came over on the day EE was launched.


    I get the 000-00 error pretty much everytime I leave the area my phone is normally connected too (the home masts).


    I travel around alot and when I return home, 9 times out of 10 the problem occurs.


    Having spoke to EE, I am told the ONLY fix on offer currently is to reset Network settings. EE know its a network issue but I guess haven't got a fix yet. I have also had 2 new phones since my original iPhone 5 and still get the problem, so I guess it isn't a hardware issue!


    My suggestion would be bombard EE with calls complaining, as it renders the phone useless while 000-00 mode!

  • tomchap Level 1 Level 1

    Update to my situation.


    Get 000-00 bug every now and then. But frequently get the No Service bug which is useless as on O2 with my trusty but now gone iPhone 4 I never had a problem. Switch to airplane mode, wait a few mins and that usually sorts it.


    I shouldn't have to do this. All EE / Tmobile keep telling me via twitter is, reset network settings or restore from iTunes.


    This doesn't help at all. I have tried setting my phone to EE (3G) as I'm not in a 4G area but still the same.


    The other day I had the no service bug from about 4pm to 8am the next day. Tmobile blamed this on some work on a local mast but I explained to them this has happened before but I was at home then work then back home again and explained the distance between home and work.


    They then suggested that I reset network settings and if that doesn't help, restore from iTunes.


    This frustrates me as I have done all this but no one wants to know at Tmobile.


    I've a good mind to cancel my contract with them as I want Tmobile 3G not EE 4G. This isn't what I have paid for. Something's wrong somewhere and after hearing some of the reported situations on here it just makes me more determined to get an answer from them.


    I have tweeted them re the 000-00 but saying I still have it so will see what they say.


    I would be happy switching to O2 due to the fact it looks like the bug is to do with 4G and trying to switch to best 3G mast and then locking onto the next best 3G mast when you move location.


    After one of you guys said "they told me there should be an update rolled out in 48 hours" and that you weren't holding your breath as it felt like they were trying to get you off the phone I'm seriously going to pursue this.


    I, like the rest of you guys don't accept being fobbed off along with the poor service from EE. It's time this got sorted out. If we didn't pay our bills, EE/Tmobile would be right on us, and wouldn't stand for it so why should we?


    Sorry for rambling but its touched a nerve with me tonight!


    Will update with my progress! Night!

  • jsquires1990 Level 1 Level 1

    'After one of you guys said "they told me there should be an update rolled out in 48 hours" and that you weren't holding your breath as it felt like they were trying to get you off the phone I'm seriously going to pursue this.'


    That was me, i persued this blatant lie. As i have a iPhone 5 they switched me to EE 4G network, with no new contract renewal, they did it as a gesture of good will!


    Havent seen the 000-00 since then, (touchwood)


    Hope you can all find a resolution that fixes things for you...

  • tomchap Level 1 Level 1

    Are you in a 4G are as I'm not so I don't want to switch to EE 4G only to find I'm in the same situation.


    It's pretty poor that this bug has been there for quite a while.


    Oh well, will wait and see what Tmobile say.


    Glad it's fixed for you :)

  • jsquires1990 Level 1 Level 1

    I am in a 4G area, but even when im not, i havent noticed the problem.


    Thanks and I do truly hope you can find a fix soon.

  • tomchap Level 1 Level 1

    Tmobile have sent me a DM on twitter saying that they have a sim update that can help with the 000-00 bug and have asked me to send them my mobile number.


    Will see how this goes.

  • Kris Reid Level 1 Level 1

    I've just moved to the Glasgow area (Rutherglen) and my house has DREADFUL EE signal, I have a 4G contract with an iPhone 5 and ever since I moved in here I've seen this "00-000" error many times. I also don't get any signal in a good portion of the flat. I'm going to be contacting EE soon to tell them they aren't furfilling their end of the contract by providing me with a service. Lots of the posts here say it's fixed by changing your carrier settings manually well I've done that and changed it to "EE" since I pay for, and quite substatually too, for a LTE network. It's made no difference so they can't say that if they mirgrate me to the faster network it will help becaise I'm already on that particular network with no joy!!!

  • jsquires1990 Level 1 Level 1

    What was the sim update? How did you carry out the update?