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    I'm still waiting for Tmobile to get back to me on twitter. Sounds to me like it will be a carrier settings update or they maybe able to push the sim update to my phone. Will see what they can do to help.


    I have answered the security questions and waiting to hear back.


    Incidentally today I had no Internet connection, did the power off and the. Press the home button and did a soft reset and suddenly I had an Internet connection.


    This is not acceptable. If I don't hear back from the Tmobile twitter team I will give them a call and explain my dissatisfaction. I never had these problems when I was with O2. I seriously don't care about 4G as its not in my area yet will see what response I get and will be updating this post with the responses.

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    You may try to reset network settings under settings>general>reset>reset network settings. Reconnect to your wi-fi network (you will need to reenter your password).

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    The reset network settings thing is not a fix at all!

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    Thanks for trying to assist but this has been done numerous times / scenarios and none of them have worked for me or appear to of worked for others.


    Will see what Tmobile say.

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    Had this response from the Tmobile twitter team:




    Hi, we've updated your account, can you please text START to 2121 and reset the phones network settings, this should resolve. Thanks.


    This is very frustrating as I have done this before and resetting my network settings means all those lovely wifi routers I have connected to I now have to reconnect but I'm going to try this one last time.


    Will see how it goes.

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    Surprise surprise... Im not sure what this START thing is and neither do phone support but i have been told to do it in the past but i never get a response back!


    Network settings isnt the problem, when will they realise this!!!


    Has anybody had any joy at all, i moved to EE as i thought this was the fix i needed. Turns out i was wrong aaarrrggghhh

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    Guess what flashed up on my screen today?


    Literally while I was in safari at home I noticed the 000-00 appear then more of less go instantly.


    Mmm get the feeling either Tmobile / EE don't know how to fix it, or they know its a problem and are just trying to fob us off with switching to EE.


    I'm off to tweet them again now to see what they say. And if they suggest swapping the iPhone for another one I may do it but I'm half tempted to grab a SIM card from another network, get tmobile to unlock the phone and test this in the phone to see how it performs. Mmm. Should I have to do Tmobile / EE's job with all this messing about? Nope they shouldn't have these problems.


    Will see how things go.

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    I'm updating this post as currently my phone is displaying 000-00. I have tweeted Tmobile to let them know that the fix they have suggested doesn't work and that I'm still getting the problem. I have also got screen shots of when this happened to prove this to Tmobile.


    I have also made them aware of the fact that I can't use a phone that does this and asked what they are going to do about this. The phone isn't doing what it should so I've also hinted about seeking cancelling my contract as I'm not happy.


    Very frustrating as I use my mobile not my landline for calls and the fact that its not working means its useless to me. If I didn't pay the bill I'm sure Tmobile wouldn't take kindly to that as I wouldn't being told things regarding resetting network settings and texting start (both of which I have done twice) it's time this was sorted out.


    Will see what they respond with and keep this thread updated.

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    The only useful fix I have found when I get the 000-00 bug is to put the phone into airplane mode then airplane mode off and after displaying no service for a few seconds I then get signal and my phones working again. Told Tmobile of this and that I can't keep on having to do this.


    Will see what they say.

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    Well I've just had a response from Tmobile and this is what they said:


    "We've made sure these faults are escalated. We're told that they're on top of it so you should see this less and less. Thanks for the info."


    Mmm happy I received a response but the response is a bit vague don't you think?

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    Once again I spoke at length to EE today regarding the 000-00 issue...


    They are aware of it and have been for weeks if not months. There is no fix because their engineers don't know what causes it. They have asked me to spend the next month logging location, time and dates that it occurs! In case it's a network issue and not a phone issue. The lady on the phone thought it might be fixed with the next Apple software update in the autumn time!

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    Well I've been putting up with this since I had the phone and its very frustrating as its usually when I want to make a call. I can appreciate things happen but we are paying customers and we aren't getting the service that we are paying for!


    I have written back to Tmobile to see what they will do about it as its not acceptable. I've started using the phone more for calls and also having unlimited Internet is great, when the internet's working.


    This is what I tweeted back to Tmobile:


    So I'm supposed to just put up with it in the hope they will get less and less? It's already happened a few times to many! Who's best to...


    ...speak to regarding complaints? If switching to EE and having a 4G signal would solve it I would consider switching but finding out...


    ...there's a problem and your on top of it with no idea of when it'll be fixed isn't very useful to me. Thanks for your help.


    Will see what they say to this. I have put up with it for long enough. I know I may sound picky and like I'm moaning but I have put up with restarting my phone, switching airplane mode on then off, resetting my network settings, restoring my phone, and its cheesing me off to put it nicely.


    I've not had any problems with any of the other iPhones I have owned.


    Time to see what Tmobile do.


    Will see.

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    I was on T-mobile with my iphone 4s for 18 months, the last 6 months or so I kept loosing my signal call dropping out etc, so I upgraded to EE 4g as I was advised it would improve my call drop outs and signal issues.


    Ive been on 4g on my iphone 5 for 2 months and have been plagued even more so with problems. Last night Apple agreed to change my iphone in case it was faulty as Ive had the problems on the new contract from the start. Only to find that again im still plagued with signal issues of no service or 000-00 and at times when you search for a carrier EE isnt on the list or I have a selection of foreign carriers! So i have to reboot the phone to select carrier.


    Using Automatic on Network Selection can cause more issues in my experience so i leave it off while im not going anywhere.


    The only other thing I have noticed that seems to make the problem worse is having a low battery


    I really dont have a choice to use any other network such as O2 or 3 etc as I can barely get a signal indoors


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    Sorry to hear that, I find doing the old turn on airplane mode, wait a few seconds, then turn it off gets my signal back. I've had enough especially will the lasted tweet from Tmobile. See the next post for details!

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    Well I received a response from Tmobile on twitter saying:


    "We understand this is frustrating & apologise for any inconvenience. The details have been passed so this is investigated. On your


    phone check data roaming is switched on. LTE is off & try steps 2/3 from"


    That link pointed to here: ID=1&secureFlag=false&segment=consumer&TIMEZONE_OFFSET=&CMD=VIEW_ARTICLE&ARTICLE _ID=261361&CUSTOM_BRAND=EE


    Which covers rebooting your phone, resetting your phone all of which I have already done. This just put my back up this morning so I replied with the following:


    "Are you being serious? I have already done the steps in the guide and now your telling me to do them again???? Come on!!! As requested...


    ...could you please let me know the details for complaints. I can appreciate it isn't the same person who is responding to me but...


    ...receiving the same advice over and over is seriously tiresome. I'm fed up with having no signal and the 000-00 bug, Im paying for a...


    ...service and having unlimited Internet is only good if I can actually use it. I would appreciate the details of who I need to speak..

  regarding complaints. Other networks don't have this problem. I'm fed up with all the running around & repeating steps which aren't...


    ...working. This isn't what I signed up for so I would like to speak to someone there who can help. Please forward the details to me ASAP...


    ...many thanks."


    Will see if I get a response to this and will post my findings here.