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I bough mountain lion 10.75 and I have many many problem issues. I'd like to donwload the version 10.8 and see if those problematic issue have been solved, but I can not find how to download that version. I donwloaded version 10.82, but the computer tell me that I need version 10.8. Please help.

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    Mac OS X 10.8 must be purchased from the Mac App Store; it's generally better to get the issues resolved prior to upgrading instead of hoping the upgrade will fix them.



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    I bought MaC LION 10,7 5 on line from apple. I would like to reinstall it without paying for it again, but I was not able to find my version to download it again. What should I do.

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    If you want to reload Lion 10.7, restart with the Option key held down and use the recovery partition to erase the drive and install a new OS.

    If you want to get Mountain Lion 10.8, buy it.



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    Which is it that you want to do: Reinstall version 10.7.5, or upgrade to version 10.8? Your statements are contradicting.