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Dear all,


A week or two ago I brought my perfectly health iMac back to the apple store to get my HDD replaced for the replacement program.

Just a few days later I got the message that my iMac was repared, so I went to the Apple store and took it back.

But back home I noticed that my screen malfunctioned. It had stripes and bites that came on the screen and sometimes went away.

I thought it had to do with the software.

But when I tried to play a movie, or a game on it; my screen froze and couldnt do a thing.

Once I rebooted it would do the same again.

I know for a fact that this can't be the harddrive. Cause moving files or anything was no problem.

So my conclusion was that my graphics  card, which is an ATI radeon one, is broke.


The thing is that I brought my perfectly good iMac back for repairs for my HDD, and got an even more broke iMac back.

What can I do now? Since I dont have the money to buy a new iMac, and I need one for school.


Thanks in Advance guys!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    I am sort of in the same boat as you.

    I have noticed plenty of posts here where bad things have happened to good running iMacs after the replacement of the HDD under the HDD repair program.

    I have the same model as you and haven't brought mine in for the HDD replacement yet as I fear that Apple Techs may make my perfectly running iMac unusable or not properly operating.

    Best thing I can tell you is just bring the iMac back in and explain to Tech or Genius that your iMac was running perfectly fine before the replacement HDD was installed and see where this gets you.

    Be calm and be polite.

    If I finally decide to bring mine in for the free HDD replacement, I will make sure and have them start my iMac in the store before I take it home with the new drive installed.

    Good Luck!


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    Thanks :)!

    Yea I've tried to call them, but then i have to wait 20 minutes on the phone. Which might result into bringing it back. Which means a 30 minutes drive to the closests apple store. I'm just a bit ****** though.

    I really hope they'll replace it for free, if they can. Since it wasnt my fault anyway.

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    Same problem, took mine in for replacement program.

    Got it back

    >> now freezes at the login screen with half screen white, half grey

    >> there is an intermittent ticking noise from the bottom right of the screen

    >> there is a brownish blotch on the screen at the bottom (this was only noticeable since the iMac started to freeze with the white screen).


    I have contacted applecare, been put through to customer relations and have wasted a serious amount of time on the phone, but no actual help. Beyond frustrated and beginning to draft a complaint to the ACCC as my polite attempts to resolve the problem with apple have been ignored.


    Massive problems after the 'repair'

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    Exactly what I am afraid of.

    My 2009 iMac has been out of warranty for over six months.

    It is working great right now, but fear a bungled repair where Apple Techs ruin or break other components during take down and/or reassembly

    rendering my iMac useless. Then, Apple trying escape free repair of things they took apart and were working fine before the HD replacement.

    I Feel your pain.

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    I just wanted to share that after replacing my perfectly working iMac Late 2009 HDD under the repair program everything worked quite nicely about two months. Then my screen started to look odd (the whole screen was full of small squares with stripes) and after that it freezes completely, every time. The problem was both in Bootcamp Win and OSX Lion, so it was clearly a hardware issue.


    It seems that my graphics card ATI AMD HD 4850 was broken. I do not know wheter they damaged the heatsink or fan during the replacement of the HDD, which resulted it to overheat and eventually break because of that. I didn't monitor any heat sensor data so I'm just guessing what might have caused it.


    In the end, I took it back to the same Apple repair center  where they replaced the HDD wishing that they would look onto it and maybe admit if they have indeed made an error. Well, maybe I was expecting too much and I only got and answer "GPU's just broke sometimes". So I had to pay the GPU replacement.


    I have to add, though that this might have been just bad luck and the graphics card could have broke on its own. Still it feels too much of an coincidence. I will probably never know the truth, and just be 366€ poorer for the graphics card replacement.


    I suggest that you get Temperature monitor or similar and check the heatlevels after the HDD replacement. It might give you some warning if something is amiss.