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I asked this and got no answers about a week ago, I of course followed an old post about correcting this in older versions of Safari where Library/ safari folder had a file which needed to be trashed and Safari restarted. But Safari 6 does not have ths file 

WebpageIcons.db the flder only contains



Bookmarks, History and SusppendState files inside Library /Safari





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    I forgot about this post but am becoming a bit iratated when going thru bookmarks in Safari and seeing a few icons for sites but the majority 90% of my bookmarks have generic blue dots.


    This seemed to happen with one of the last updates and I see nobody addressed this which from experience either I should know how to correct or "welcome to the club , it's an Apple fault"


    can anbody chime in hear as you would might understand that it is harder to navigate bookmarks by actually looking at the names and much easier to look by icon which I have grown to depend on.




    or is it back to Firefox?



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    Hey there,

    I kinda had the same problem with Download's folder the preview was not showing,

    So my suggestion is, go to

    1- File-->Export Bookmarks--> save em on the desktop

    2- then delete all your book marks: Bookmarks-->Show All Bookmarks and select your books marks and Delete them.

    3- Then restart Safari (quit then repoen)

    4- Import your Bookmarks again, File-->Import Bookmarks


    See if this works for you