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This situation is just crazy and I am not sure why or what is happening here, but I am hoping that the guys in this Apple Community can help me out.  Our place is all Mac'ed out, I mean we have all the Apple products, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, iPod Touch, iPad we love them and they for the most love us, apart from the iPod Touch, I should say the wifes iPod Touch, so you guys know what is about to happen....


Anyway the house is all wifi, we have a couple of airplay speakers around the place, all working well for not problems at all.  The wife mainly uses the iPod Touch to control the music around with house.  This is working well, then the other day, out of the blue we are sitting down in the lounge, she is musicing and asks me a question.  I don't know the answer and the closest Apple product to hand was the MacBook, so I open it up, and bingo the iPod Touch, the wifes iPod Touch was disconnected from the network that instant, and I can not get it back on the network, or any other wifi network..


What has happened?  The second I opened that Macbook's screen and the flicked on, the music that was being streemed from that iPod Touch stopped.


I have tryed everything and I can not get this iPod to connect to my home network, or anyother network.  I don't know what happened.


Can you please help me with this..




Sir Pete


Slowly and very basic with you replies, I am not that up todate with all this stuff..

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 5.1