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Hi. I have a Mac 10.4.11. Two years ago the original hard drive died so I took it to the computer store and replaced it with a new and larger hard drive. It's working great.


When I go to disk utility, it says




USED 78.2


so why do I get the msg that the hard drive is full. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?


Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Which message do you get about the disc full ?

    I mean which App or system message says the disc is full ?

    If you select the disc and click Cmd i do you get the same result ?

    Have you verified the Disc (right bottom of the Disc Utility window)

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    I used Disk Utility to erase free space.

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    The actual message that I get is "Your Startup disk is almost full. You need to make more space available on your startup disk by deleting  files." What do I do?

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    Sorry for my late answer.

    Your previous post: Disc Utility to erase free space bring nothing : the free space is free.  You should verify your disc to see if there is some problem in the file system.

    From your second post I understand that you can try to delete some files. Have you already emptied the basket or you do not empty it from time to time ?  There could be a lot of stuff.

    Also some Apps have theyr own basket or a place to keep deleted data like mail.

    Check if you have duplicates and if you can delete something or move something to an externald Disc.

    Best solution whould be to change again the Startup disc with a bigger one.