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We are looking to buy MacBook Pro (Retina maybe). We have two displays that are DisplayLink.


Apple seems to be behind/non-existant on the docking station game...(not enough companies to make millions here i guess?) so I know they don't want to make that, but does any 3rd part company make a Docking Station that you can plug the MB into and have all the ports already plugged into the monitors?


From a cleanlyness standpoint this seems like something Apple would do yet the only thing they offer in this regard is buying one of their displays. A $1000 Thunderolt hub? works for oil barrons, but not the rest of the world.


Belkin has an interesting offer, though since its not out yet, it's hard to know how that functions... do you plug in the Thunderbolt in the front? and then the back plugs just all work? is it that easy? if so it might be worth $200-300


But it is amazing that Apple doen't offer a simple 20 ($30 apple prices) splitter.


i found 2 online after much dingging. is is discontinued and the other is out of stock. both look questionalbe with regard to quality.



So, am i missing something? Apple put all R&D and marketing into Thunderbolt got business to be the end of the chain, but over looked the middle?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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