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Earlier today I followed the steps on how to change the name of the 'home' folder through the apple support page. I changed it and logged off of root and back onto my account. All of my settings had been lost, so I googled around how to get them back. I successfully got my dashboard arrangement, desktop background, and desktop contents back, but things such as my bookmarks and history on Firefox are completely gone. I have no bookmark back-ups on Mozilla. How can I get these back? Also, all my history in Photoshop is gone (Open recent), and all my Itunes music is gone. It's like I'm opening all of my programs for the first time. I really need to get this back, how can I? I've looked up other apple support questions but they're very confusing. I know that somehow I need to get all those files into the 'Home' folder, but I don't know how.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)