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i was in the middle of an editing sesion last night when i acciedently nocked my external hds usb out of the hub. everything from here on went haywire. Final cut just closed all the projects and events naturally beacsue they are all saved on my exteranl WD 2tb hd. But when i plugged my HD back in my event that i was using music and videos from wasnt showing up. i was also getting an error window when i started the program up saying "The file couldn’t be opened because it isn’t in the correct format." and sure enough it was the event that i was working with. So then i tried looking it up and using the backup file within the event on the hd but it said couldnt be done beacuse "An unexpected error occurred (error code -50)." on the external hd. then i copied the whole event file onto the computer and did the backup file thing and that went smothly and then put the event into the place where the other events are located on the computer. however when i opened final cut to see if it had worked it just didnt show up at all. after that i tried on last thing, i moved the orginal medai folder to the desktop went onto final cut went to the events and created a new event on my external drive but it would let me do that it just gave me a window saying "The file “New Event 13-01-07” couldn’t be saved in the folder “Final Cut Events”." i give up and now it is also saying this "The disk where your projects or Events are located may be full or unavailable, projects or Events may have moved, or permissions may have changed.To avoid losing your work, quit Final Cut Pro." my project is still there though and all the lengths of differnt clips and transitions are there but the image is the video i used it is a red page saying event missing??


anything that could help me at all will be much appriciated, i spent coutless hours so far into this edit and would hate to have to wave it goodby and restart.

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.5)