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     I have a late 2011 Macbook Pro and currently use it for school and minor gaming until I can get a new computer.  But I was wondering if there was anything I could do to increase performance, for both games and just everyday tasks.  I can't run many full games without there being a nice amount of lag or decreased fps.  I currently have os x 10.7.5.  Is there anything I could do to just help it run faster and better?  By the way I have 4GB ram and use almost 3.8GB when gaming.  Would increasing ram and installing the new os x improve anything?  Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You can increase RAM. It will probably help a little with multi-tasking and applications that use a lot of memory. A faster and larger hard drive could also help depending upon how large your drive is now and how much of it is free space.

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    Is there anything you could suggest as to how much ram or a specific type of hard drive? Also, this is somewhat related, but what is available to upgrade on Macbook Pro's? I know ram and the hard drive, is there anything else?

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    You can install:


    Maximum Memory16 GB (Actual) 8 GB (Apple)
    Memory Slots2 - 204-pin PC-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR3 SO-DIMM


    If you have 4 GBs installed now, then upgrade to 8 GBs. Visit OWC for memory upgrade kits and installation tutorials.


    As for the HDD that would depend on what you now have installed.


    RAM and the drive are all that are upgradeable on a MBP. Since you are now running Lion you could upgrade to Mountain Lion although doing so won't make the games run much better. Mountain Lion does have various video driver upgrades, but I don't know if any are for your model. If you hqve a 13" model that uses HD 3000 graphics then you will be stuck with pretty slow graphics relative to the 15" model.

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    I second Kappy. Upgrade the RAM to 8 GB. I'd recommend Crucial but that is only a personal preference. You can also get a faster hard drive - 5700 RPM or so - that may help speed up access to the files on your hard disk. I have had no issues with Western Digital but some others have. Personally I think the new generation of Seagate disc drives are horrible. Good luck!

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    Sadly, my Macbook is the 13" model.  Sorry for lengthening the question, if I upgrade the hard drive, would backing up the files rarely used onto an external hard drive speed up anything?  So would this have any real affect on gaming or just overall performance?

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    Suggest you replace the hard drive with a SSD. I did it and the perfomance boost is startling.

    http://mac.tutsplus.com/tutorials/hardware/how-to-upgrade-your-macbook-pro-to-an -ssd/

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    No. The value of the HDD is in disk I/O. For your uses it may help prevent jerkiness in games that are loading data from disk a lot. It's free space that becomes the real issue because OS X runs better when there is adequate free space on the drive - at least 20 GBs.

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    Sorry for the really late reply, but if I upgrade to an SSD I can transfer all of my data using Time Machine? I plan on upgrading relatively soon.  If my games are installed via steam/app store and not run off a disc would that affect it?

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    Yes, you can use Time Machine to transfer all your data including installed games.