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Ok, got a new laptop for Christmas so I no longer have to share with kids. Only problem is I can not get the music (over 500 songs) from my Iphone 4S to my new HP laptop. I have tried every button on this dang thing and about to throw it all across the room. Been looking on and off for weeks, need help. Didn't feel so stupid when the 17 year old looked at it and said she couldn't figure it out either. Can anyone help before I pull  my hair out? My pictures and my apps all went on the HP but for some reason the music will not go over, is it because of WIndows 8, i am literally confused on this. I have downloaded cd's into Itunes, but then it tells me to import it will erase all songs on the Iphone.  I can delete the cd's if needed, they are Christmas and not needed right now. HELP!!!!

iPhone 4S, Other OS, windows 8