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    i tried going to system preferences > mail, contacts & calendars, selecting the account and using the details button.

    description was correct.

    however, i unchecked "Contacts" and turned back syncing on. that did the trick on the iMac: I can see now iCloud on the left side of Contacts app on the iMac.


    on the MBA... i found out something absolutely ubelievable that i had never seen before.

    i went to Mail preferences. the default mail client was set on... "Remote Desktop Connection (Windows XP)"

    can you believe that??????


    i must first say i use parallels desktop with only one VM for Windows XP.

    but in Windows, i never do anything else than opening Firefox in order to check a business website with a Java applet which is not compatible with the last version of Java for Mac (can't open this applet in Safari or Firefox for Mac). and that's it.


    now, back to Mail app on the MBA: i tried to change my default client for Mail App but this is impossible: i must navigate to Application folder and select Mail. once i've done that, Mail gets selected for a very short while in Mail app preferences and then "Remote Desktop Connection (Windows XP)" is back OR it is just impossible to select Mail App, "Remote Desktop Connection (Windows XP)" comes back immediately.


    i'm puzzled.


    note: i'm using parallels desktop version version 7.0 on Mac OS X 10.8.2

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,504 points)

    You should be able to change the name displayed in Notes, Reminders etc following the same procedure as for contacts.


    I've noticed that Parallels has started trying to invade the Mac space more and more, I've seen a few options pop up inviting me to add this or that to my Mac side, I noticed one about Kapersky for Mac, as I always click no to anything like that, I didn't notice what else it was trying to add.


    I'm at a bit of a loss with that issue, it might be worth contacting Parallels. Although I do wonder if moving ~Library (Hidden) > Containers > > Data > Library > Preferences > to the desktop and then restarting might help, although you may have to set all yor mail up again.

  • belso Level 1 (0 points)

    i managed to get Mail app as my default mail client but the list of Parallels apps remains. I dare not for instance change the default sound when receiving an email in Mail preferences for fear that i get stuck like yesterday.


    on other respects, i'm not very keen on contacting Parallels since i really don't have any more time left now. what's more, i suspect Parallels might say i should upgrade to version 8.


    thanks again, i'll keep you up to date.

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    hi again,


    as promised, here's the update.


    on the iPad, a little trick (or thing i didn't know) in order to have the account description i want:

    - in preferences > mail, contacts, calendar: change the description (for instance "iCloud" instead of ""): the modification doesn't appear, description remains unchanged.

    - immediately after that:

    1. open Mail app & check the new emails (if any) in account ""
    2. go back to preferences > mail, contacts, calendar: then, the new description "iCloud" has been picked up


    Parallels invasion of the MBA

    on restarting my MBA this morning, i noticed my default mail client was some absurd Windows XP application again.

    I deleted again "" following the procedure you suggested and even dared to affect a sound to incoming mail (our beloved Hero).

    I've just been checking Mail preferences now, it seems to be fine. We'll see tomorrow morning when i start the MBA what happens...

    That being said, i must say the invasion has not stopped, Windows XP applications appear everywhere, even when trying to launch an app with Alfred, those Windows apps now show up first. I thought i had "tought" Alfred the good manners...


    i'd like to thank you very much for your kind, very efficient help all along this kind of convoluted, time consuming procedure and for your patience.

  • belso Level 1 (0 points)

    there was an error when trying to upload my post.

    result was the same post was displayed twice. i've just deleted the duplicate. since we can't delete the already posted messages, i've been writing down this explanatory text.

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,504 points)

    Good to hear you have got things working. I don't know what Alfred is, I guess it's something to do with Windows, but I only use Windows to use Access, so I guess I missed it.


    Did you get to check what happened to the data in those 3rd party apps.

  • belso Level 1 (0 points)

    Alfred is a launcher app, i used to use LaunchBar but i prefer Alfred.


    sorry, i'm not sure i understand your question:


    Did you get to check what happened to the data in those 3rd party apps.

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,504 points)

    You had some apps on your mobile device that used iCloud to store shared data, we moved the data from your mobile documents at the start, I wondered if you had lost those documents in those apps or whether they are still there.

  • belso Level 1 (0 points)

    ok, no i got all my documents back on my mobile devices, thanks.


    as for Mail on the MBA, settings haven't been modified after starting this morning, but i'm not sure we've contained Parallels' invasion...

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