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In iCal I previously could, at the end of the year or early in the new year, create a new complete calendar and delete the old data of the previous year leaving only the current year entries. Ever since there was an iCal, I was able to do that.


I think I created an archive for the previous year and then was able to delete the old daily data in a single step to create the new year. There doesn't seem to be any capability to do this.


I have created an archive of my 2012 events but don't want to manually delete hundreds and hundreds (probablty over a  thousand) of 2012 entries one by one just to make a calendar with only the few days of 2013 presently in my calendar.


I do NOT use the cloud to store my calendar or any of my information. If that might be the only way to purge old data, then there is a big flaw in Calendar.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2.8 GHz Quad core, 6 GB ram
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    I'm pretty sure there was an option in a previous iCal version but I can't find it anymore. Does anybody else have any ideas?

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    I found information on how I created a clean Calendar in January of 2012 when using an older version of OS (probably Lion) and Calendar.


    Selected backup option (now only have export or archive as available options)

    set prefs to clear older than x days (no options now possible to do this)

    create copy

    close Calendar

    repopen and unchecked the prefs



    I have now created a new calendar by the extremely tedious process of deleting over 1000 entries in the 2012 calendar one at a time.


    This is a really big flaw in the current Calendar not allowing the easy creation of a new Calendar as was possible just a year ago!!!!! This was possibe every year since we got iCal until now.

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    Oh dear that sounds terrible. Have you submitted feedback to Apple? Maybe you should. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that optiopn to clear older days. Don't have a clue as to why they would remove a feature like that. When I was trying to help you that was what I was looking for...

    Anyway glad you got it sorted.

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    I aubmitted the problem to feedback which only shows there being iCal versions not Calendar.


    Hope they fix before next year