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My computer recognizes that it is attached but will not display what is on the desktop. I am currently running Snow Leopard on an aluminum MacBook (not Pro) and trying to hook it up to a Smart Board 685ix.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    When you first hook it up it will probably have the display set in Extended Desktop mode. The Menu Bar and Dock will be on the MacBook display and your background screen on the TV but you can move the cursor onto the Smart board.

    In System Preferences>Display on the MacBook screen there should be an Arrangement tab when you have the MacBook hooked up to the Smart board and both screens working. When you click the Arrangement tab do you see two monitors side by side? One of them will have a Menu Bar at the top. Just click on the Menu Bar and drag it to the second monitor. That will make the second monitor your main screen.

    The Smart board will now have the Dock and Menu Bar and windows will open on it. But you can move the cursor to the MacBook screen and move windows from the Smart board over to the MacBook screen.

    You can now use your MacBook in Clamshell Mode with a wired or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3131 When you disconnect from the Smart board your Menu Bar will automatically change back to the MacBook.

    Or if you want to work on the MacBook screen while showing it on a Smart board you can check the Mirror Display box on the lower left hand side of the Arrangement tab under the two monitors box. That will give you the same screen at the same resolution on both the MacBook and the Smart board.

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    I don't get anything when I first hook it up and turn on the macbook. I can tell that it "wants" to show up on the smart board, but when I plug the mini-display port adapter in, the laptop goes to blue screen 4-6 times in a row and then I'm left with the macbook desktop and no connection with the smart board. I can manipulate the resolution and color scheme of the smart board but it doesn't make any changes.


    Thank you for the reply, the advice will come in handy once I have an actual connection.

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    I am having the same issue!  I had it connected perfectly 2 days ago and when I went to do my lesson today I had the same issue.  Calling SMART was useless, simply told me the adapter was not supported and they offer no way to connect a macbook to a SMART board (rediculous).  I just can't understand how it could work fine one day and not at all another...


    Can anyone offer any advice, I am student teaching and this going to be a issue going forward.



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    Hey Zach0918 -


    In the future, creating your own thread (rather than bumping an old one) would be best - helps keep things organized a bit better


    With that said, could you give the specifics of how you have your MacBook hooked up to the Smartboard? What adapters are you using to get video projected & how is the board itself connected to your computer?


    Also, which Smartboard model do you have?



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    Sorry I was hoping to supply an answer for the OP if they ever check back but I see your point, I created my own thread but got no responses.  Details on setup are in my post.  The model SB is a 600 series (I believe a 685) the projector is ux60 if that helps.


    Thanks for the response

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    Ahhhh, I found your post


    I didn't go back far enough with the threads today it seems...I'll post some troubleshooting ideas there and we'll see if we can get your setup working/find the source of your troubles.