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I was shopping online at Anntaylor.com the other day and suddently this message came up from my Safari


Safari can't identify the identify of the web site:



The certificate of this web site is not valid. YOu might be connecting to a web site that is pretending to be akamai.mathtag.com, whcih could put your confidential info. at risk. WOuld you like to connect to the web site anyway?


Since this is a site I shop oftern, I didnt think much and clicked "continue". However, after clicking, the page did NOT go to any AnnTaylor links. I immeadiatey closed the browser.


The same thing happened again at a later time and I choose "cancel" instead of "continue".


My questions are:

1) What's going on?


2) Has my computer been compromised somehow and my information are potentially stollen? If yes, what do I need to do to fix this?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    mathtag.com is the domain of a company called Media Math, they are an internet advertising and marketing company, so it's not uncommon for their content to appear on other sites. Normally this all happens without error, although in this case my guess would be that mediamath had not set up the security certificate correctly on the site, so an error message occured.


    This kind of thing is not uncommon and usually occurs because of a mistake made by the site's owners, it's nothing to do with your own machine. It pays to click no in these cases (generally the connection is to an image or other content linked on the site) just to be safe. Mediamath are legit so no real chance of any of your personal data being compromised in this case.

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