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I have been pouring over forums and I see a lot of useful information but admittedly I am a newby and in need of step by step guidance so I apologize in advance.


I have a MacBook Pro (late 2010, so no airplay), Apple Tv(3rd generation) and a new WD My Book Live.


In a nutshell (sorta)  I purchased the My Book Live in hope to transfer itunes media.  The MacBook Pro has far too much on it, time to go to a larger storage device.  Then I was hoping to be able to view the media from the My Book Live via my Apple Tv (photos, movies, music etc).


1) How do I relocate my itunes media onto the My Book Live?


2) Is there a way to make the media on the My Book Live viewable on my Apple Tv?


I believe Alley_Cat made reference to possible solutions for this sort of question but I will be honest and admit I am having trouble following


Thank you in advance, any input and guidance is GREATLY appreciated.



MacBook Pro (Mountain Lion), Apple Tv (3rd generation), Ipad 2, Iphone 5, WD My Book Live.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You need to make sure the content is still pointed to iTunes, which needs to be up and running to be viewable by your ATV



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    Thank you!  I know it is probably the abc's of Mac but obviously I needed it and it's greatly appreciated

    Now I believe all I have left to do is to make sure that when I'm downloading that it downloads to the WD Book but is still referenced/recognized in iTunes.  As well as try to do something similar with all the photos in iphoto.


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    yeah my media is all located on

    my NAS connected to an airport express upstairs

    my itunes is then set not to copy stuff down to my computer

    and my appletv accces the media because it's in itunes


    though it does mean that thee media is requested by the appletv to the computer which request it from the nas

    so more wifi action but it works ok