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I am somewhat new to apple products. I am from the U.S. and currently studying in the Czech Republic.


I have an itouch with an apple ID, but lately I can't get it to charge or work. After pluggin the usb recharge cable to the computer at my universities facility, it gives a black page with a picture of the cable and the arrow pointing to itunes logo. The school's computer labs don't have i tunes or anything like that.


I also just got an iphone 4S and have been trying to set up and i can't seem to complete the process for the itunes so i can install the apps i had in the itouch and also to get new apps. It stops me and says to contact the itunes for support right after the input of address and phone number information, etc...


The purchase was made in the czech republic from a vodafone store, but if i remember right i configured it to US settings so I don't have to deal so much with everything showing up in Czech.


I tried getting help by going to the support, but after putting in my  name, email, phone number for scheduling a call with them it rejects the phone number because i am putting in my czech phone number. Putting in my previous US number would be useless because I am not in the US and that number is probably inactive.


I would to get some English speaking support while being here in the czech republic.


Any advice?



iPhone 4S, Also have a itouch