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top right bar (i think its called status bar)  -- how do i control the sequence?  

they appear to opening in different order

can i change the word "charged" to a visual queue to indicate CHARGED versus take up so much space with word "charged?


why a problem?

i have so many on the bar, the last ones opened are getting hidden, when i have an app that has lots of menu bar item?

Status BAr -- Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 9.13.29 PM.jpg


thankyou in advance

MacBook Pro
  • Matt Clifton Level 7 (29,850 points)

    Cmd-drag them to the order you want. This will definitely work for Apple icons such as iMessages, Bluetooth, etc - may not work consistently for the third-party icons.


    If you don't need an icon (eg, Bluetooth), just cmd-drag it off the menubar. For third-party apps, you'll need to check their preferences to see if there's a way to disable the icon.



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    unfortunately that didnt work

    it deleted them all.

    it appears the CMD is for apple icons only...


    i think what is happening the CMD works up to the space of "apple icons"

    i dragged after the new apps.

    and the delete cloud happened.


    CMD work if i dragged within the icon area by apple


    now i must work how do i get them back?  (time charger, bluetooth, displays)

    likely a checkbox in system preferences

  • Matt Clifton Level 7 (29,850 points)

    It is, it's several checkboxes. System Preferences -


    Bluetooth - Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar

    Energy Saver - Show battery status in Menu Bar


    And so on.



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    ok - now am back to where i was.

    i replicated issue. so it appears a definite difference in handling.

    - apple icons support CMD to resequence

    - none of my non-apple icons can be moved using CMD to resequence

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    i wrote to developers of Growl (one of my most favourite apps)

    and they confirmed Apple API is not open, to use CMD to resequence the icons in status bar


    how do you request apple to make this part of api open?

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    I haven't tried either, but a recent search at CNET http://download.cnet.com/mac/?tag=hdr let me to these: 

    Delayed Launcher